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Những chuyện nhảm nhí


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Những chuyện nhảm nhí Những chuyện nhảm nhí 2 months ago To all of you whom asking every single video why the foundation is lighter than the skin tone. It’s their choice, they choose to have lighter foundation, just like u guy (who asking all the time) choose to have the foundation match. It’s their freedom and right to decide what they would wear on their face. if it isnt your standard, you are not the one who can complain. Peace
Lorena Yanez Lorena Yanez 2 hours ago 3:26 isn’t that girl white and not Asian ?
XX XX XX XX Yesterday I noticed that the most things is that they have clean face and they put really catchy look lens like greys colors and then just put some shadow like creamy one and put and puffy looking lips then with slim body then finish
phionna phionna 2 days ago Omg they were all beautiful 😫✊
본계정탈퇴하지말자 본계정탈퇴하지말자 2 days ago 5:47 이 사람 틱톡 좀 알고 싶다 ㅠㅠ
ARISTOKRATKA ARISTOKRATKA 2 days ago 4:06 track, please???🙏🏻
ibelongtothe200 ibelongtothe200 3 days ago 3:06 who is she? She gorg
kk star kk star 3 days ago the second girl. what brand is she using?the gel type highlighter. i want one😍
Rosé bubbles Rosé bubbles 3 days ago 2:54 IU...?!
Avenoir Avenoir 3 days ago it's so sad when you're watching some beautiful girls when you're ugly af
Mr Cloud - Official Channel Mr Cloud - Official Channel 4 days ago 5:45
zack jack zack jack 4 days ago L love the second girl she has her nature eye color %%
TaoVL TaoVL 4 days ago This video makes me want plastic surgery 😌
Noname Garofano Noname Garofano 4 days ago So gorgeous. Very nice ideas.
Roe Alvarez Roe Alvarez 4 days ago Love the first three, especially the second girl.♥♥♥
Even a ghost need a friend You could be someone Even a ghost need a friend You could be someone 4 days ago I need those Asians do my makeup
peachie jae peachie jae 4 days ago I wanna knowwww what do you call that haircut @ 0:23??
Nurul Amira Nurul Amira 5 days ago 4:49 so beautiful
Otaku World Otaku World 5 days ago yall that are saying that they've has plastic surgury or use filters are low-key pathetic like yes many of them have filters on its kind of obvious but plastic surgury is very unlikely as it is looked down apon in china and its hella expensive so no unless your actor or singer i doubt that they would have has anything done maybe one or two girls but deffintly not all and to clarify about the skin i can assure you all that as a person who lived in shanghai and still visit at least 3 times a year that i have met one of the girls in the video and many of them are extremly popular on chinese tik tok so i had gone to ask for a photo and her skin was amazing and she looked no different from the videos the only difference i would note is that she is paler in real life so please don't assume things or put other people down to make yourself feel good . rant over
Calvin Dizon Calvin Dizon 5 days ago The second one was beautiful but the singing tho
Kami Kami 5 days ago 5:44 ughhh shes so prettyyyyy
Severus Snape Severus Snape 5 days ago 5:45 makes me gay she’s so pretty 😍
Dat Cool Guy Dat Cool Guy 6 days ago whats the song at 0:56?
Krisha J Krisha J 6 days ago 3:09 what a total bratz doll. omg
Doanh Pham Doanh Pham 6 days ago 5.52 what is her name
Yukami Uchú Yukami Uchú 7 days ago I need those highlighters from the second vid!!!!!
a.s.r.a *-* a.s.r.a *-* A week ago All comments talking bout how ugly you are... wake up ladies! You are not ugly, you just need to learn how to use makeup wisely...
Surafir Surafir A week ago @1:30 what’s the song?