Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories
06 Aug 2018 3.730.790 views 52.209 likes

And if fan theories are your thing, why not check out WatchMojo Uk's list of the Top 10 Harry Potter Fan theories?

Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories

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3.491Comments One year ago And if fan theories are your thing, why not check out WatchMojo Uk's list of the Top 10 Harry Potter Fan theories?
perla A perla A 3 days ago Peter Pan kidnaps kids and he kills the kids
Cesar Quijano Cesar Quijano 4 days ago I can never think of candy the same way again.
Delaney Lipkin Delaney Lipkin 4 days ago How does the Peter Pan theory work with the sequel where Wendy is grown up and has children of her own?
Brody Ramsey Brody Ramsey 5 days ago Saying Jack's a time traveler is like saying toothless(how to train your Dragon) and the creeper(jeepers creepers) are the same thing
Scribblebytes Scribblebytes 5 days ago What actually happens at the end of Willy Wonka? Do those kids come back. Can't remember for the life of me.
Wayfaring Stranger Wayfaring Stranger 5 days ago The Titanic one is just silly. How would the silly person who thought it up explain all the interactions Jack had with other characters? Mass hallucination? They were all in on some elaborate "f*ck with Rose" plan? I mean...duh.
Jerkicus Maximus Jerkicus Maximus 6 days ago #1 Epstein didn't kill himself.
the legendary redwolverine the legendary redwolverine A week ago Back to the Future relates to Rick and Morty
delta york delta york A week ago I don’t think people realize that the Peter Pan one is true
Milkeyboii _ Milkeyboii _ 2 weeks ago The first theory is so stupid. The reason there are no record of Jack is because he was never meant to be on the ship.
Kendra LaLonde Kendra LaLonde 2 weeks ago Sick. Some of these are just plain disgusting.
_. tompage ._ _. tompage ._ 2 weeks ago The willy wonka one i just don’t agree with because it was just following the original book
Ian Langdon Ian Langdon 3 weeks ago BTTF is wrong. Every paradox has a beginning. Doc was just showing off.
Ian Langdon Ian Langdon 3 weeks ago Mike and Josh planned to kill Heather is the better theory. Keep up.
Ian Langdon Ian Langdon 3 weeks ago Toy Story 3 was on tv a week before 4 came out. I didn't see any of that or that it was sad.
Martin Martin 3 weeks ago well toy story is fairy taile too so makes sense there are similarities
Marc Meng Marc Meng 3 weeks ago no the Joker is John Wick
The Jazz King The Jazz King 3 weeks ago Total Recall is a prequel to The Matrix. There is a machine which puts your mind into a dream world. The only way to escape it is by taking a red pill. The Johnny Cabs are a form of the A.I before it got advanced enough to rise up.
Joseph Contreras Joseph Contreras 3 weeks ago Willy wonka:yes plausible chocolate is soylent brown chocolate is made of people it's made of people were eating people!!!!
Joseph Contreras Joseph Contreras 3 weeks ago Grease:they were flying away in chitty chitty bang bang people.
Joseph Contreras Joseph Contreras 3 weeks ago Yes malcalhy caulkin is scary enough
Johnny Guitar Johnny Guitar 4 weeks ago the Titanic was not the Titanic
Big Bubba boy Big Bubba boy 4 weeks ago 6:14 Lois from family guy
Prince Charming Prince Charming 4 weeks ago Did anyone notice Doc Brown actually looks like Rick from rick and morty
Jimmy the tulip Jimmy the tulip 4 weeks ago If rose imagined Jack why would his story start before even getting on the boat? No record of him because he won his ticket. And lastly, why would someone from the future... go on the titanic? Unless the very fact of him going back is what caused the sinking. Fuck, I'm way too high for this right now
Ernie Reyes Ernie Reyes 4 weeks ago #6 was actually very plausible
Courtland Jackson Courtland Jackson 4 weeks ago the briefcase does have his sol, not soul. sol meaning star, the sun, that's why it shines.