Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok Douyin China S02 Ep 03
31 Oct 2019 2.772.256 views 37.380 likes

Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S02 Ep. 03


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Ika Ratuingjagat Ika Ratuingjagat 3 hours ago All beautiful ❤️
danya danya danya danya 7 hours ago so skinny for me
Deidara Iwa Deidara Iwa 8 hours ago the first is the best! it's look like group Twice when they leave hhhhhhhhhhh
jai bharat jai hind jai bharat jai hind 9 hours ago I am from.india i love the your video nice
Minh Tran Minh Tran 12 hours ago Chị nào cũng đẹp
the power within Wolf the power within Wolf 20 hours ago Always as beautiful as angels (those hot and long legs)
chintiya bella chintiya bella 21 hours ago 1:47 Q Clique ?
Kiki Royrs Kiki Royrs 21 hours ago Their legs are actually scary to me
Alejandra Zamarripa Alejandra Zamarripa 22 hours ago They look like 👉🏻| Meanwhile I look like this 👉🏻O
Aysha Amin Aysha Amin Yesterday Can someone explain why non skinny people are not allowed on tiktok in china
katherin J. V. barrera katherin J. V. barrera Yesterday Si , supongamos que no es actuado *supongamos*
argely marisol argely marisol Yesterday 2:15 song??
Kookie Rosa Kookie Rosa Yesterday Soy la única que siente como que se van a romper :v
La Strega del Sud La Strega del Sud Yesterday 💚💚💚
Anasteisha Kich Anasteisha Kich Yesterday Бля какие они все тощие
PRo TM PRo TM Yesterday Song 1:01
Alexandra Kakuja Alexandra Kakuja Yesterday I know it's seen as perfect in East Asia in general to be really skinny and tall but I doubt most are naturally like that, so I just wonder how do people in East Asia still eat a lot while staying super thin AND without muscles. Because if I think they might go to the gym... Then shouldn't the bodies be toned at least? Like, dancers in Spain and Romania have really strong and thick legs bc they workout and the dance makes your muscles work too. But the dancers in kpop still have really smooth and thin legs it confuses me a whole lot.
Alexandra Kakuja Alexandra Kakuja Yesterday Some of them look abnormally skinny. And I know some people are naturally very skinny.... But dude... The pink shirt one at minute 3 has her hip bones sticking all out.
camila alejandra contreras mendoza camila alejandra contreras mendoza Yesterday Me podrian dar el nombre de la cancion que sale al inicio de video por favor
Anjali Singh Anjali Singh Yesterday I'm sorry But am I the only one seeing sticks
Sofía Ramirez Sofía Ramirez 2 days ago No entiendo nada esta todo en ingles
Lanang Sumantri Lanang Sumantri 2 days ago Music name? 2:15
Jonathan Duran Jonathan Duran 2 days ago Me encantan sus video
Sa Rerm Sa Rerm 2 days ago Me
Umar Ijaz Umar Ijaz 2 days ago This is girls or plastic dolls
Baby.scum. Bag. Baby.scum. Bag. 2 days ago On 0:56 you can see the girls hip bone 😬🤧🙏🏻
怪咎 怪咎 2 days ago 0:58
เกมส์ Chanel เกมส์ Chanel 2 days ago ❤❤❤❤❤